Low density areas

Setram Resa+, Demand-Responsive Transport service in Le Mans

Résa+ is SETRAM’s new on-demand transportation service. Launched in May 2021, the service operates in the commercial area of the metropolis called Technoparc. Also, Résa+ serves three zones in a free-floating configuration (Le Cormier, Family Village and Technoparc) and provides feeder services to the terminus of the streetcar line.

The service operates Monday through Saturday from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. Users can book their rides up to 8 days before departure and until 7 pm the day before for rides the next day, and until 12:30 pm for rides starting at 1:30 pm. Users are provided with a mobile app, a booking website, and a call centre for their bookings.

In addition to providing access to the commercial area, the service also allows users to access the area’s leisure facilities, such as the shopping centre, the go-kart track, the soccer pitch, etc.

Why Padam Mobility?

  • The flexibility of the solution to meet different use cases.
  • The expertise of the teams guarantees a high service quality