Low Density Area

Flexi’Ritmo, Demand-Responsive Transport service in Haguenau

The Haguenau urban community is a territory located in Alsace. The region already had a Transport on Demand network, but wanted to redesign its service by implementing differ-ent service configurations. In order to gain flexibility, the territory turned to Padam Mobility to implement its dynamic DRT solution.

The service is composed of 2 sub-services operating with several models:

• The Flexi’Ritmo service, which has semi-virtual lines operating from 6 am to 8 pm and a free floating model for all stops in the area, although only on the 4-6 am and 9-10 pm time slots in the evening.

• The Flexi’Job service, which operates on a feeder model to reach the main points of interest, plus a divergent model for trips in the other direction.

• A night service called Soir Ritmo from 10:40 pm to 12:40 am in a divergent model in-tended to meet the needs of the morning and evening shifts.

All these service configurations are managed on the same mobile application.