Transport on demand: a tailor-made solution



Padam Mobility designs and develops smart and dynamic Demand-Responsive Transport solutions using foolproof routing algorithms.

Our mobile apps, simulation and management interfaces are tailored to the needs of our customers: Transit Operators, Transport and Local authorities, private companies, in the interest of users and territories.

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First & last mile
Our DRT solutions are connected to your regular bus lines, BRT, subway, tramway and trains. They do not require any particular planning or special development.
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Our DRT solutions are tailor-made by taking into account the specific constraints and needs of these more fragile populations, at the urban, peri-urban and rural levels.
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Off-peak hours
Our solutions ensure that white areas are served when demand is too low to maintain conventional public transport service during off-peak hours.
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Our DRT solutions ensure that employees are carried for the first/last mile and allow them to travel throughout the day. We also provides “intramural” DRT services within all corporate campuses.
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Padam Mobility DRT services reach a grouping rate of 80%.

Thanks to powerful optimization algorithms, transport authorities that use Padam Mobility smart and dynamic DRT improve both their operation costs and user satisfaction while respecting the environment.

Over the first half of the year, our tools have already saved 40,000 km of trips to the planet


Since its creation, Padam Mobility has enabled vehicle operations over more than 4 million kilometres.

Padam Mobility developed its expertise in smart and dynamic DRT on the ground, as close as possible to the Public Authorities, Transit Operators and Users.

Our tools allow us to collect data in a completely anonymous way in order to optimize mobility services and offer the most relevant DRT solutions on the market.

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Padam Mobility’s DRT solutions are spread across nearly 40 territories.

Either in France, Europe or Asia, we have been able to implement our solutions in various territories and thus cover all DRT use cases.

With a particular concern for local proximity, we accompany our customers to better face their mobility issues and challenges.

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NightBus (Padua)
Set up in collaboration with BusItalia Veneto, the NightBus service allows the inhabitants of Padua, especially students, to move freely and safely from 9pm to 3am.
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Flexigo (Ile-deFrance, Paris Region)
Since January 2018, a feeder service on train stations at peak hour is in place in partnership with Transdev in the Yvelines (Ile-deFrance, Paris Region). During off-peak hours, the service operates in a classic way in designated areas.
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Resa’Tao, Resa’Est (Orleans), Ilévia Reservation (Lille)
Since April 2018, Padam Mobility operates a transport nodes and points of interest feeder service in partnership with Keolis in Orléans. Since January 2019 and in partnership with Keolis Lille, Padam Mobility enables first and last miles and periurban areas DRT service in the Lille area through 17 virtual lines. The setting up of this service coincided with the facelift of Transpole, which became Ilévia.
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TAD Ile-de-France (Ile-deFrance, Paris Region)
Since January 2018, a feeder service on train stations at peak hour is in place in partnership with Transdev in the Yvelines (Ile-deFrance, Paris Region). During off-peak hours, the service operates in a classic way in designated areas. Launched in 2019 in partnership with SETEC ITS for Ile-de-France Mobilités (Paris Region Public Transport Authority), the DRT booking and management center takes over from Flexigo and covers a dozen of zones in the outer suburb before a gradual extension to other services within four years throughout the whole Paris region.
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La Saire TAD (Cotentin)
Launched in July 2019 in partnership with Zephirbus (Keolis group), La Saire TAD DRT service aims to facilitate the access to the heart of the city of Cherbourg from the peripheral municipalities, especially those located on the eastern part of the territory.
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