Operating in an extensive and complex ecosystem, Padam Mobility aims to provide you with solutions that integrate Best-in-Class partners into their field. Our partners are references. Please contact us if you want to be a part of it.



We have integrated our TAD solutions with the route computing software of HaCon, a Hanover-based company. HaCon creates and develops high-quality solutions for traffic, transportation and logistics management.


Navitia by Kisio – integration in progress

NAViTiA technology is a true “data hub” that facilitates the creation and operation of passenger information services. Our TAD solutions fit seamlessly into the route calculation system.




In order to enable your users to pay, we have integrated the Payline solution, a major player in the e-commerce world


Stripe – integration in progress

A true reference for online payment, Stripe is a must-have.


Payzone – integration in progress

A reference solution in Morocco, Payzone is a particularly useful integration for Padam Mobility.



Google Maps

Our real-time booking solutions integrate Google Maps tools to keep us as close as possible to our users’ usages.



We are also integrated into OpenStreetMap. OpenStreetMap is an open map, enhanced every day by more than a million contributors worldwide.



Bytemark – integration in progress

Headquartered in New York, Bytemark provides ticketing solutions for cities and transportation operators.


Push Notifications


OneSignal is a major player in the customer engagement market, providing



Nexmo is our partner for sending SMS notifications. Nexmo helps many fast-growing startups as well as large companies.




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