Decrease your operating costs and be environmental-friendly


your operating costs, be more eco-responsible

Operating a Demand-Responsive Transport network is often perceived as very expensive: the constraints and characteristics of the territories and populations served generally do not generally guarantee the profitability of the operation. Operators often have to arbitrate: either maintain a public transport service that is not very or not frequented but extremely expensive ; or remove a public service that is essential for the mobility needs of people that are not connected to a structuring transport infrastructure. The DRT characteristics generally do not generate a lot of margins. The appearance of new technological solutions based on artificial intelligence and the Big Data make it now possible to limit the costs.

Padam Mobility solutions provide answers to the two black spots of DRT: empty operation and too many detours. Thanks to infallible optimization and routing algorithms based on artificial intelligence, vehicle routes and schedules are built according on-demand:

  • Padam Mobility makes it possible to increase the grouping rate of your DRT and prevents you from running your vehicles empty.
  • Padam Mobility allows you to adapt your vehicles’ route in real time to suit bookings and to avoid unnecessary kilometres.

On the operator side, the operating costs are up to 30% lower. On the transit authority side, the operator’s bill is reduced. No longer empty vehicles. No longer unnecessary kilometers. The amount of CO2 emissions and fine particles is being drastically reduced.

Optimiser les coûts de transport

Demand responsive transit: The keys to success 

How does Padam Mobility DRT help reducing the environmental foodprint? 

Padam Mobility reiterates its commitment for the reduction of our environmental footprint thanks to the Demand-Responsive Transport (DRT). 

VelkaneDecrease your operating costs and be environmental-friendly
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