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While Demand-responsive transport is a mobility solution that has already been proven for several decades, the obsolescence of most booking and operating systems does not always meet the users’ current demands in terms of reliability, ergonomics and flexibility. Most of existing DRT solutions require the installation of heavy and unintuitive operating systems. They are usually backed by a single hotline that does not allow booking or real-time operations optimization. If phone booking meets the needs of certain populations, often elderly, it is however not attractive to more connected populations who are accustomed to the use of internet on both smartphone and computers.

Padam Mobility management applications and interfaces significantly optimize the booking and operating processes of your existing Demand-responsive transport solutions. No more Excel spreadsheets on the operator side. No more 48h-in-advance bookings on the user side. Padam Mobility solutions allow to book a vehicle in real time or in advance. Your users are taken care of almost immediately. Arrival time is guaranteed and your users receive information on their journey before and during their rides.

All Padam Mobility user interfaces are ergonomic and intuitive. They are designed for a quick start and effortless handing. They are designed to answer the requests of the greatest number of people.

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