Add a DRT solution to your company’s mobility plan


the way your employees commute

Home-work commuting accounts for 50% of companies’ CO2 emissions. 72% of these trips are made by individually occupied cars. Taking into account employees mobility needs is also a way to engage its social and environmental responsibility.

Padam Mobility Demand-Responsive Transport solutions fit in perfectly with your company’s mobility plan and/or call to action. Encourage your employees to change their commuting habits to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and road traffic by offering a tailor-made DRT service:

  • Your company is located near a structuring transport infrastructure (subway, tramway, bus, BRT, train) but is poorly connected to it? Padam Mobility DRT solutions guarantee your employees’ first/last mile travels.
  • Your company is located in an enclave or poorly connected business area? Padam Mobility solutions allow your employees to travel throughout the day.
  • Your company have its own campus and walking around is not easy? Padam Mobility solutions provide “intramural” service to your site.

Demand responsive transport: The keys to success 

Commuting: a social issue and a challenge for companies

Although the transport organization remain the responsibility of the public authorities, companies involvement in workers mobility is fundamental…

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