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The potential for reducing unemployment and improving the quality of life through mobility leverage is considerable but often underestimated. Access to mobility is the key factor for the success of territorial policies and for the social integration of all. It must be approached as a vector of success and not an exclusion factor. To do this, it is necessary to maintain the values of public transport: continuity, reliability, accessibility and inclusion.

Unlike other shared mobility services, Demand-responsive transport meets all needs and adapts to all user profiles, even the most vulnerable: schoolchildren, employees, jobseekers, seniors, mobility impaired people.

Padam Mobility’s DRT solutions are tailor-made by taking into account the specific constraints and needs of these more fragile populations, at the urban, periurban and rural levels: specific notifications, adapted vehicles, specific seats onboard, spaces for wheelchair, presence of a guide dog, adequate pick-up and drop-off times, driver-specific instructions, door-to-door, etc.

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