Improve public transportation provision in underserved areas


public transportation provision in underserved areas

Sparsely populated areas are known for their obstacles to mobility needs, even in the most innocuous movements of daily life. In these areas, shopping, going to the doctor or the hairdresser require to travel. Cars are often the only possible mode of transport.

Low densities, complex mobility, long distances, suburban and rural spaces are particularly difficult to serve by traditional means of public transport. In most cases, they are characterized by poor public transit coverage. Yet, the right to travel applies everywhere, including in the most remote areas. This makes it difficult for transit authorities to insure their obligations.

The periurban and rural area appears to be a preferred area for Demand-responsive transport development. Its flexibility and implementation speed allow it to adapt to the constraints of these spaces, all at an affordable cost for small communities.

Padam Mobility provides your users with dynamic Demand-responsive transport solutions to create accessible, reliable and efficient transportation networks in the suburban or rural areas of your territory.

Transport public dans les zones mal desservies
VelkaneImprove public transportation provision in underserved areas
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