Regional Mobility

WDW NOW, Demand-Responsive Transport service in Rhineland-Palatinate

To meet the requirements of the modernisation and digitalisation of the DRT service in the district of Ahrweiler in Rhineland-Palatinate, Padam Mobility has implemented an on-demand system that combines efficiency and flexibility. Since September 2020, this area has been served by the on-demand service «Wohin-Du-Willst NOW».

Currently, the operator DB Regio works with various taxi subcontractors who provide transport at off-peak times with up to 130 vehicles. Now, these on-demand services can be accessed via app, call centre or booking website and are integrated into a single trip planner alongside all other public transport services.

The Hacon technology enables the seamless integration of on-demand services into the existing public transport system. For the first time in Europe, up to 72 fixed routes with fixed timetables are connected. The service is integrated into the local travel guide of the DB Regio mobility platform «Wohin-Du-Willst» and thus offers intermodal timetable information via which passengers can easily find and book available mobility options. The proposed trips are also integrated into the vehicle management system used by DB Regio to control and manage the quality of the more than 4,500 DB Regio buses.

In addition to an app for end customers («Wohin-Du-Willst NOW»), Padam Mobility also equips taxi drivers with a driver app. All operational information is made available to DB Regio employees in real-time via a management interface.

DB Regio thus gains a valuable tool for quality assurance of the DRT services offered: the data transmitted by the taxi drivers via the driver app proves whether the booked journey was carried out on time; this information is supplemented by the customer feedback that the passengers can submit directly via the «Wohin-Du-Willst NOW» app.

Why Padam Mobility ?

• Simple and flexible service operations in fixed lines and fixed hours

• Efficiency of itinerary and vehicle loading optimisation algorithms

• Partnership with Hacon, which facilitated the integration of the DRT solution into the overall local mobility offer in a MaaS logic

Wohin du Willst Now

One of the most compelling aspects of the service is its inclusiveness, as it addresses the needs of different population groups, especially those who do not have easy access to mobility options, such as people with reduced mobility. The service allows them to indicate at the time of their booking whether a wheelchair space is required. In addition, the booking options cover all age groups: young people are used to making bookings via the app, while older people prefer to speak to a “real person”.

Gerd Overbeck
Head of new mobility services at Hacon