First & last mile

Villefranche-sur-Saône - Résalib

In August 2019, Carpostal decided to rely on Padam Mobility to provide its solution for the TAD Libellule network. Four service lines (1 zonal line and 3 virtual lines) serve the Villefanche train station from the suburban area of the agglomerati.

“RésaLib A” allows users to travel at the time they want to, to all stops on the line without constraint. RésaLib B, E and F are virtual lines serving the agglomeration. They operate with theoretical routes and timetables. “


La Navette is a DRT service for all. It allows to move within the Chelles area (municipalities of Chelles, Vaires sur Marne, Courtry, Brou on Chantereine, Pine, Villevaudé, Claye Souilly) with the advantage of providing a transportation service offer to the Jossigny and Montfermeil hospitals.
Grégoire Bonnat
Co-founder and CEO of Padam Mobility