TCL A LA DEMANDE, Demand-Responsive Transport service in Lyon

The goal of the TCL Demand-Responsive Transport networks is to provide concrete mobility solutions for the less densely populated areas of the Lyon conurbation: transport of the working population during peak hours, first and last mile services to/from the existing network, internal services to isolated areas or areas that are particularly difficult to cover by conventional modes.

Padam Mobility has deployed its smart and dynamic DRT solutions in two areas of the Lyon Metropolitan Area:

  • Mi-Plaine, an important business area with 1375 companies and 20,000 employees
  • Techlid, mixing business and residential areas

Perfectly integrated into the existing network, thanks to identical pricing, two fleets of vehicles, which will eventually be fuelled by NGV, serve the two territories to complement the TCL’s offer with complete flexibility. Since the Covid-19 crisis, the service has been adapted to meet new health requirements.

TCL à la Demande

Dynamic demand-responsive transport is a concrete solution that meets the challenges of mobility in large areas, which allows us to refine the network’s grid and better link the territories to ensure overall consistency. Our absolute priority is the full accessibility of our network. 

Fouziya Bouzerda
President of the SYTRAL