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SAM-e on demand, Demand-Responsive Transport service in Brussels

The SAM-e (Smart Autonomous Mobility-electric) service allows all employees and visitors of Solvay (Brussels) to book a free ride on one of the autonomous on-demand shuttles of the STIB-MIVB. The shuttles are 100% electric and move with the help of several sensors and navigation systems, which scan the environment and detect any obstacles.

The service was tested for 4 months in cooperation with Solvay and STIB-MIVB. After this first step into the on-demand shared mobility of the future, Padam Mobility wants to transform the trial and offer DRT solutions that are 100% compatible with autonomous vehicles.


Sam-e on demand

In the future, these shuttles will also run in the city, picking up passengers in areas that are currently not served by buses. They can take them to a bus or tram station. From there, passengers can continue their journey even further.

A SAM-e operator