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Saint-Omer - mouvéo tad

A 2-year experimentation, the Mouvéo TAD service optimises and automates the existing DRT service thanks to the optimisation algorithms on which its technology is based. Resources are rationalised and better exploited: on a constant average, two additional vehicles have been made available to serve new territories.

Thanks to the optimisation of service operations, it has been possible to increase the service area threefold.


Mouvéo TAD

The creation of this new Demand-Responsive Transport service provides a tailor-made response, with the guarantee of the same quality of service, for many inhabitants of the outer suburbs who have little or no access to mobility.

Valérie Pecresse TAD IDFM
Valérie Pécresse
President of the Île-de-France Region (Paris region),
President of Île-de-France Mobilités (Paris region Public Transport Authority)