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Safir, Demand-Responsive Transport service in Pau

Padam Mobility and CarAlliance have designed the SAFIR DRT service with a multimodal approach and with a view to adapting it to the constraints of the employees of the SAFRAN site on the outskirts of Pau. A fleet of dedicated vehicles guarantees the flexibility of the service. Pick-up and drop-off times are based on employees’ working hours.

Careful interconnections with the existing public transport network and easy access to other SAFIR mobility services have significantly improved commuting for SAFRAN employees and provided a lasting incentive to use more sustainable modes of travel.


The success of DRT as part of a full service demonstrates the relevance of our solutions in a multimodal, flexible and ecological framework for companies concerned about the well-being of their employees.

Grégoire Bonnat
Co-founder and CEO of Padam Mobility