Since April 2018, in partnership with Keolis Orleans, Padam Mobility has been modernising and optimising Résa’Tao, the Demand-Responsive Transport service in Orléans. The service offers a feeder transport solution to and from predefined stops in several peripheral areas of the 21 municipalities of the conurbation.

The Padam Mobility technology has enabled Résa’Tao to improve the user experience and the quality of service by providing relevant responses to the territory’s mobility challenges. To facilitate travel, the availability of the service has been increased, thanks to itinerary optimisation and the extension of service opening hours. Bookings have been made more flexible, with the introduction of real time, making last-minute rides possible.

The “new” Résa’Tao was quickly adopted by the regulars of the old service. In 6 months the service multiplied its ridership rate by 3. Today, the service records up to 11,500 rides per month with a pooling rate of up to 75%. Up to 90% of the proposed rides are less than 30 minutes waiting time.

Based on this success, the Orleans Metropolitan Area wishes to study, in the longer term, the possibility of deploying the Padam Mobility solution to optimise the overall operation of its existing network, by totally or partially replacing some of its least efficient fixed bus lines.



Combined with the gradual replacement of our bus fleet by electric vehicles, this new service should allow us to increase the attractiveness of public transport while significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

Bruno Malinverno, Orléans
Bruno Malinverno
VP of transport of the metropolis of Orléans