Low Density Area

Hüpper, Demand-Responsive Transport service in Hürth in Germany

Hürth is a medium-sized city in the west of Germany with a population of almost 60,000. 

In order to offer local people a flexible and easy way to reach important transport hubs quickly, Padam Mobility was commissioned to set up a dynamic on-demand service. 

The service serves the most important hubs in Hürth, such as the central bus station. It also covers the districts around Sielsdorf, Stotzheim and Knapsack. 

The Hüpper can be booked in advance via app or phone. Spontaneous trip requests are also possible. In this case, there may be a maximum waiting time of 30 min.  

The Hüpper vehicle fleet is 100 % electrically powered and thus makes an important contribution to reducing local particulate pollution.

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