Low Density Area

Linggo, Demand-Responsive Transport service in Pays de Langres

The Pays de Langres is a rural area located in the Haute-Marne department, in the Grand-Est region. In an effort to introduce digitalization to the region, the Syndicat Mixte des Transports du Pays de Langres contacted Padam Mobility to deploy its Transport on Demand solution. 

The Linggo network is divided into 2 services:

• The TAD Gare service, which offers journeys from any address in the 168 communes to one of the 2 train stations (Gare de Langres and Gare de Culmont-Chalindrey), in synchronisation with train times.

• The TAD Village service, which allows users to reach one of the 3 town centres from any address. The routes to each of the centres vary depending on the day.

Users have access to a booking website and can contact a call centre to book their trips.

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