Regional mobility

Aléop à la demande, Demand-Responsive Transport and Paratransit service in the Pays de la Loire

The single Aleop à la demande (Aleop on-demand) management and booking platform was born out of the desire to standardise the various DRT and Paratransit services in the Pays de la Loire Region. Designed as genuine local services, these networks enable users, mainly the elderly or those without motorised vehicles, to get to the main facilities and services more easily, as well as to the stops of regular transport networks.

The Aleop à la demande platform allows the management of DRT services operated by some twenty different transport operators in more than 10 areas, themselves spread over 3 departments. It facilitates the booking of about ten call centres. While the services in the Maine-et-Loire department are already based on the platform, the services in the Loire Atlantique department are in the process of being integrated.

As Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions are deployed in the region, the Padam Mobility platform will be able to easily integrate with them and be used to optimise bookings so that they meet the needs of rural users and enable optimal use of the network.


Today, on the Maine-et-Loire DRT services, the Padam Mobility platform automatically selects the appropriate vehicles for the rides selected and optimises users’ itineraries and bookings. It facilitates the booking of about ten call centres. It will eventually enable connections to fixed line services such as trains, especially during peak hours. This will ensure that DRT services do not replace trips that could be made on fixed lines.

Ziad Khoury
Co-founder and COO of Padam Mobility