Platform mobility

Pays de la loire - aleop à la demande

The single Aleop à la Demande booking and management platform was born out of the desire to eventually homogenise the various DRT services in the Pays de la Loire region. Following an incremental approach, the solution began by aggregating the various existing DRT services, then modernising them and gradually developing them into a unified offer in terms of both operating methods and the booking tools made available to users. At the same time, an experimentation will be carried out with the Pays de la Loire region to explore what the DRT of the future might look like on its territory.

The Aleop platform allows the management of DRT services operated by 3 different transport operators in more than 10 areas, themselves spread over 3 departments. It facilitates the booking of a dozen call centres.



This new innovative service will offer a flexible, fast, environmentally friendly service that is adapted to the mobility needs of the inhabitants and employees of the less dense areas of the conurbation, and will thus make it possible in particular to provide connections from periphery to periphery that are currently difficult with the conventional bus line network.

Robert Hermann
President of the Strasbourg Metropolitan Area