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Pau - Safir

Padam Mobility and CarAlliance designed the SAFIR Demand-Responsive Transport offer in a multimodal logic and to adapt to the constraints of the employees of the SAFRAN site on the outskirts of Pau. A fleet of dedicated vehicles guarantees the flexibility of the service. Pick-up and drop-off times are based on the working hours of the employees, who have several tools at their disposal to book their ride: a mobile application and a booking website.

Careful attention to interconnections with the existing public transport network and easy access to other SAFRAN mobility services have significantly improved home-to-work travel for SAFRAN employees and have encouraged the use of more sustainable modes of transport.

Recording up to 4100 rides per month, the SAFIR service is used up to 5 times a week per employee for a pooling rate of up to 97%.



Flexigo is a mobility service rendered to all the inhabitants of this rural territory. It is also a real step forward for local economic development, since it will facilitate access to businesses in the sector.

Myriam Brenac
First assistant of Chavenay and in charge of the transport within the intermunicipality