With more than 210,000 inhabitants, the conurbation of Padua (Veneto, Italy) had no night public transport solution, which undermined the city’s highly developed night-time activity. The implementation of a safe transport solution in the evening and at night became a necessity to improve the well-being of the population and preserve the attractiveness of the university campuses which attract some 60,000 students.

To meet these challenges, the local public authorities, in collaboration with the University of Padua, decided to launch the Night Bus Demand-Responsive Transport service. Operated by Busitalia Veneto, Padua’s urban transit operator, the NightBus service allows the inhabitants of Padua, especially students, to travel at night in complete freedom and safety.

A real complement to the public transport service during off-peak hours, the service serves all the main night-time activity centres, even those located on the outskirts, offering an alternative to travel solutions that are often accident-prone (scooters, cars, bicycles, etc.).

More than 37,000 rides have been made since Night Bus began operating in January 2019. The service’s pooling rate is up to 80% and its users rate it 4.7/5 on average.


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Night Bus is a much awaited service that was immediately appreciated. It allows you to move around easily and safely in the evening, making the city more accessible.

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Arturo Lorenzoni
Deputy Mayor of Padua (Italy)