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Mobilitad, Demand-Responsive Transport service in aisne

MobiliTAD is the single brand name for the various RTA’s Demand-Responsive transport services in the Aisne territory. These existing services have been optimised and modernised by Padam Mobility, which has also provided new booking tools for users (application and booking website). The introduction of these new digital booking channels meets several objectives:

  • Accelerate the digital transition of the RTA and its transport services
  • To revitalise the image of Mobilitad’s DRT services in order to better communicate, increase ridership and attract new populations

Before the implementation of the Padam Mobility solution, reservations and the assignment of Mobilitad’s vehicles were done manually. The experimentation of the new Padam Mobility tools has made it possible to automate numerous tasks that were previously tedious and time-consuming for both agents and teleoperators.

The Mobilitad services include several virtual lines:

• between Soissons and Saint-Quentin: line 445

• between Saint-Quentin and Soissons: line 445

• between La Ferté Milon and Fismes: line 018

Two services are operated door-to-door on a zonal basis:

• between home and Saint-Quentin

• between home and Bohain

Eventually, all the interurban lines will be integrated into Mobilitad.

For the moment, the service is available from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6.30pm and on Saturdays from 8am to 1.30pm, excluding public holidays. It is only accessible by reservation. The application, which is simple to use and easy to access, allows users to book their journeys in real time, up to one month in advance. Users can also book their journeys consecutively over several days.

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