The Cotentin urban community was created following the merger of 129 municipalities. With a surface area of almost 1440 km², it is the 2nd largest urban community in France. With the enlargement of the territory and the integration of new, mainly rural and sparsely populated areas, the need to facilitate travel from the periphery to the periphery and the access to the city centre of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin from the outlying communes has become apparent. In this context, the LaSaire TAD service has been set up by Padam Mobility, in collaboration with the urban community network operator, Zephir (Keolis).


Experimented for 6 months, the La Saire TAD service has been a great success, particularly among young people under 18, who represented the largest proportion of its users. Nearly 6,000 passengers used the service since its launch, reaching 1,000 users per month, 10 times more than a traditional DRT. The service ridership was rising sharply and its pooling rate was close to 60%, a very appreciable rate in rural areas. Finally, users rated the service at an average of 4.7/5.


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With the Demand-Responsive Transport, we intend to begin to extend the connections between the Cherbourg conurbation and the peripheral municipalities and thus overcome the mobility issues in sparsely populated areas.

Plan de travail 61-8
Jean-Louis Valentin
President of the Cotentin Urban Community