First & last mile

Icila - A DRT service in Sophia Antipolis

Launched in July 2019 with Envibus, Icilà is a Demand-Responsive transport service that aims to provide a response to the mobility challenges in the sparsely populated areas of the Sophia Antipolis urban community and at the same time contribute to its digital transformation.


Recording up to 7,000 rides per month for an average of around 2,700 passenger.kilometres per month, the service has been a great success since its launch. Its users rate it 4.8/5 on average.


The service should be extended to a new area in early 2021 (Antibes / Valloris). Innovations on the regular bus network are being studied, in particular allowing bookings on fixed routes.



As the main DRT users of the Sophia Antipolis urban community are young people from secondary schools, Padam Mobility will make it easier and simpler for these users, who are used to using smartphones.

Thierry Ocelli
Thierry Occelli
Vice President of the Sophia Antipolis Urban Community