Low density areas

STO On-Demand , Demand-Responsive Transport service in Gatineau canada

STO On-Demand enables the residents of the municipalities of Buckingham and Masson-Angers to be mobile whenever they want and, for example, to access the structural fixed-schedule bus network.

STO On-Demand offers a wide range of possibilities thanks to its dynamic and intelligent architecture. For example, the fleet occupancy rate can be maximised before additional vehicles are deployed during high traffic periods, thus controlling the cost of the service. In addition, a smart pricing system provides usage incentives: to encourage intermodality, trips to and from a bus stop are free of charge.

Thanks to the partnership between STO, Padam Mobility and Transit, passengers in Buckingham and Masson-Angers can access on-demand transportation directly through the Transit app on their smartphone and plan trips combining on-demand transportation and the bus route network.

It is possible to book a ride through the STO On-Demand app, online at stoalademande.sto.ca or by phone.

Logo STO à la demande

The STO aims to provide an easy and seamless user experience for its customers, particularly by relying on the tools that users are already familiar with. We are proud to facilitate access to the STO on-demand service and the planning of multimodal trips through the applications developed by Transit and Padam Mobility.

Myriam Nadeau
President of STO