First & last mile


Launched in November 2019 with Antoni for the Strasbourg transit operator (CTS), the Flex’Hop Z1 Demand-Responsive Transport service covers 13 rural and peri-urban municipalities in the western and south-western perimeters of the Strasbourg metropolitan area with a fleet of 100% electric vehicles.


The service reinforces the CTS’s transportation offer by offering a travel solution aimed at better serving the peri-urban municipalities, facilitating travel on the outskirts and between cities that are not connected to the bus and tramway networks or facilitating connection to the structural networks. Flex’Hop Z1 also makes it possible to optimise resources and rides and to offer accessible and reassuring booking tools for users.


With 80 stops, Flex’Hop Z1 offers more than 4,000 itinerary options to meet all travel needs. Designed with an intermodal approach, 28% of its rides are made in connection with feeder stops to other lines. In an area such as Entzheim, 42% of rides are made in connection with the tramway.


Since its launch, Flex’Hop Z1 has recorded more than 30,000 rides made, 84% of which received an average rate of 5/5.



This new innovative service will offer a flexible, fast, environmentally friendly service that is adapted to the mobility needs of the inhabitants and employees of the less dense areas of the conurbation, and will thus make it possible in particular to provide connections from periphery to periphery that are currently difficult with the conventional bus line network.

Robert Hermann
President of the Strasbourg Metropolitan Area