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Colbus, Demand-Responsive Transport service in Bologna

Colbus is the Demand-Responsive Transport  service of the Appennino Bolognese region, a rural and mountainous area located on the outskirts of Bologna, Italy. It complements the existing regional transport offer for the first and last mile.

Colbus makes it easier for users to reach the main tourist attractions in the area (e.g. hiking trails) from the nearest railway stations.

Due to the topographical and geographical characteristics of the area served, advance booking (before 8pm the day before departure) is a condition deemed necessary to ensure the smooth running of the service. Indeed, some routes can only be used at certain times of the day or the impossibility of turning back prevents the implementation of last-minute reservations.

The service is based on a free floating configuration and operates door-to-door on some routes. It is only open at weekends and during school holidays from 8am to 8pm.

The service is readapted to the winter season, with a line that still serves the main tourist attractions at weekends and during the holidays and a line that runs from Monday to Friday as a feeder to the classic transport stops.

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