Low density areas

Call Connect, Demand-Responsive Transport service in Lincolnshire

The Call Connect DRT service provides reliable and convenient mobility solution for the population of the Lincolnshire rural county. The latter has been providing on-demand services for around 20 years to give people an alternative to very long bus routes, with long detours through various villages.

In order to make the service more effective for both customers and management, Lincolnshire County Council decided to bring Padam Mobility on board. By integrating Padam Mobility’s software solutions, the management of the fleet can be optimised and users will be able to book the service through three different channels (user app, booking website and call centre). This new approach is expected to increase not only passenger acceptance but also the range of user groups, thus making the use of public transport services much more attractive for the local people of Lincolnshire County.


Logo Call Connect
The main goal for us is trying to make it as easy as possible for people to access the service. Today, everything is very much mobile app driven, and we try to make the services easy for people to access especially for the youngsters. For them, having to phone to make bookings is not how they do things. So trying to bring that into our services is a key feature for us and we’re hoping that we can engage with that market and get them to use public transport more often. I think having that freedom is a massive win for them, to be able to control their own destiny and control their own access to transport.
Stuart Eccles
DRT-Supervisor of the Lincolnshire County Council