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Bruxelles - SAM-e ON DEMAND

The SAM-e service (for Smart Autonomous Mobility-electric) enables all employees and visitors of Solvay (Brussels) to book a free ride on board one of the on-demand autonomous shuttles of the STIB-MIVB. The shuttles are 100% electric and move with the help of several sensors and navigation systems, which scan the environment and detect any obstacles.

The service was experimented for 4 months in cooperation with Solvay and the STIB-MIVB. After this first experience in the on-demand shared mobility of the future, Padam Mobility wishes to eventually transform the trial and propose DRT solutions 100% compatible with autonomous shuttles.


Sam-e on demand

In the future, these shuttles will also run in the city, and will pick up passengers in areas that are currently not served by buses. They will be able to take them to a bus or tram station. From there, passengers will be able to continue their journey even further

A SAM-e operator