Breizhgo - A DRT platform in Brittany

True local public transports, the BreizhGo rural DRT and Paratransit services come to complete the regular public transport offer favouring the use of public transport for daily trips (like commuting) from the municipalities not served yet. In addition, they facilitate access to everyday services (shops, markets, medical centres, town halls, job centres, etc.) reinforcing mobility and social links on the territory, particularly for isolated and/or elderly people, or people without means of transport.


The regional management and booking platform on which they are based aims to provide greater legibility and coherence in the regional on-demand mobility offer, to the benefit of travel in rural areas and in response to a very wide variety of use cases. Today, the platform brings together more than 9 different transport services and operators serving the departments of Ille-et-Vilaine and Morbihan. The other departments of the region are being integrated.



With the Demand-Responsive Transport, we intend to begin to extend the connections between the Cherbourg conurbation and the peripheral municipalities and thus overcome the mobility issues in sparsely populated areas.

Plan de travail 61-8
Jean-Louis Valentin
President of the Cotentin Urban Community