Low-density areas

RÉSAGO, Demand-Responsive Transport in Amiens

Resago is the Demand-Responsive Transport service of the Ametis network. It complements the other lines of the Amiens agglomeration network through:

• 3 regular lines reinforced with on-demand lines

• 6 lines 100% DRT linking the peripheral communes of the urban community to the main entrances to the city and the Gare du Nord

Logo Résago amiens

We are very satisfied with the results so far. The user feedback is very positive. The new booking option via app is also being accepted above average. So far, 74% of all bookings have been made via the app, followed by 21% via the call centre.

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Alexander Schneider
Managing Director at Stadtbus Pfaffenhofen a. d. Ilm GmbH & Business Unit Developer Mobility