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From day one, we have been convinced that the success of a mobility project lies in the proximity with the actors on the field.

In Padam Mobility, we pay special attention to the support we offer to our customers, before, during and after the implementation of our DRT solutions. From the feasibility study to the daily support through the dedicated training and coaching, we stand alongside those who trust us in the long run.

The Sophia Antipolis urban area is part of a process of digital transformation and dematerialization. We rely on Padam Mobility to achieve this goal.
Thierry Ocelli
Thierry Occelli
Vice President of Transports of the Urban Community of Sophia Antipolis



We put all our experience at your service to predict the contours of your mobility needs.

Starting a project with Padam Mobility is the assurance of benefiting from the best tools and the best experts to design a Demand-Responsive Transport service that users will love.

Our teams define with you the configuration of your DRT. You are involved since the feasibility study that takes into account all the specificities and constraints of your territory.

Our powerful simulation tools allow you to adapt the supply to the demand in the best : number of vehicles, stops, frequency or optimization of the area.


On a day-to-day basis and following a very specific process, the deployment of your service runs smoothly.

You are accompanied by the same Padam Mobility expert from the beginning of your project to the launch of your Demand-Responsive Transport service.

Our Customer Service teams are renowned for their availability and responsiveness. They also speak about 10 different languages.


Once the project is deployed, support takes its full meaning. That’s how we turn our trials into success.

You will receive weekly statistical reports. More than statistics, they are business intelligence. We will also be able to support you in the communication and promotion campaigns of your DRT service.

Thanks to regular update notes, you will always be notified of the service new features st up by our technical teams.

On a day-to-day basis, our Customer Service team is available to answer all your questions.



simulation TAD

Get reliable dat to make the right decisions with the Padam Mobility simulation tool.
Based on the same algorithms as our Padam DRT solutions, our simulation tool allows you to parameter your DRT service to take into account as much as possible all the specificities of your territory.

• Integration of your territory parameters and demand
• Relevant prediction of costs and attendance rates
• Consideration of all statistics to apprehend the quality of service
• Quick and reliable answers to your questions

You are already operating or financing a DRT service and you don’t know if it is sufficiently optimized ? You would appreciate to find out how to optimize your operations costs and increase your attendance rates.
One or several of your classic bus lines have poor performance? You would want to analyze the impacts of a shift to a DRT service to see if it improves your quality of service and economic performances.
You want to set up a new DRT service? You would need to find the best service configuration from its launch and to benefit from reliable performance predictions.


You will have access to a dedicated website from which you can ask us any questions, send us comments or request support.

About every 3 weeks our teams add features, fix bugs and generally improve the service. You are notified for each update.

Face to face or by videoconference, you will receive a dedicated coaching and training so you can know how to use our apps and management interfaces.

Non-exhaustive: number of passengers, number of trips, booking cancellations, booking modifications, average number of trips per user, booking distribution by channel (app, website, phone), grouping rates, conversion rates, number of passenger per hour per vehicle, under-30-minutes itinerary proposal rates, trips average rating, distribution of commercial / in transit / empty miles or kilometers.

Of course. Following a pre-project study, we jointly define the integration needs, if your tools are not already part of our current partners.


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