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The Padam Mobility DRT software suite includes all the interfaces required for operations: Intuitive user interfaces to make it easier to get around. Ergonomic driver interface, suitable for any type of operation. Complete and powerful management interface for transit operators & PTAs.



  • Dynamic early or real-time reservation
    Your users can book their DRT within a minute or several hours or days in advance.
  • Real-time optimization
    Thanks to our algorithms, the itineraries, schedules and filling rate of your DRT vehicles are optimized in real time.
  • Real time adaptation
    Our solutions take into account in real time the traffic conditions and other hazards that may affect your DRT service (public work, strikes, etc.).
  • Full integration with existing networks
    Our solutions complement and not compete with your existing transportation networks. DRT itineraries that can be done via your conventional lines are not suggested.
  • Multiple service design management
    Our solutions integrate different service designs to answer in the most relevant way the challenges of your territory and your use cases. Our algorithms allow to combine several service designs on the same territory.
  • Multi-zone and multi-territory management
    Our solutions make it possible to manage several zones in the same territory and several territories or transit operators under a unified brand.
  • Recurring reservations
    Your users can book their DRT for a weekly slot.
  • Scalable configurations
    Our solutions allow you to adapt your service design according to the time, the type of day and the time of the year.
  • Multi-dates reservations
    Your users can book their DRT for multiple dates at one time.
  • Payment modules integration
    Our tailor-made solutions are able to integrate with most payment systems on the market.
  • Real-time traveler information
    Our solutions allow to notify your users in real time about their pick-up, their trip, their arrival time, traffic conditions and that of your existing network.
  • Specific notifications to third parties
    Our solutions make it possible to notify families and accompanists in real time when it refers to the users' pick-up, trip and drop-off.
This new Dynamic Demand-Responsive Transport service meets one of my priorities: to bring out new mobility services in the outer suburbs for those who have been forgotten by public transit, those who have no choice but to use their private car, the inhabitants of a peripheral France, the victims of territorial segregation.
Valérie Pecresse TAD IDFM
Valérie Pécresse
President of the Île-de-France Region (Paris Region)



of Orleans (France) DRT users found the Padam Mobility solutions easy to use following its implementation.


is the target of DRT trips set in Ile-de-France (France) once our solutions will be deployed on all the territory.


of our users find our smart & dynamic DRT simpler than the traditional DRT they replaced.


Depending on the level of complexity and customization required, 1 to 3 months. Our Customer Service team supports you before you sign your contract, throughout the whole project and beyond. Our experts are at your disposal to answer any questions and find any solutions once your DRT service is fully running.

We charge an implementation fee followed by a monthly license fee for our software suite. The fee amount depends on the tools and services you chose. The cost of specific features is accurately assessed upstream.

4 for now: French, English, German and Italian. Each new project is an opportunity for us to add new languages.

Not at all. We can only provide you a tailor-made booking website or a dedicated booking hotline.

Of course. All user, service, stops location data is welcome. Our Customer Service team will integrate it in the right format when implementing our DRT solutions on your territory.


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