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Padam Mobility is growing rapidly and is recruiting talent to meet the needs of its French and international clients. The company places human at the heart of its expertise and is looking for varied and experienced profiles to continue to guarantee its technical excellence, its reliability and its operational quality in the on-demand mobility segment (DRT and Paratransit).

Working at Padam Mobility means joining a human, ambitious and growing company. A company that encourages knowledge sharing and collective intelligence.


A true corporate mission at the heart of a caring management style

Since its creation, Padam Mobility has placed four key values at the heart of its business and management, which have played a major role in the company’s growth and its attractiveness on the job market.



We measure the importance of our actions by their impact. On our clients, on users, on the environment or on society.

“Life is short. Do stuff that matters”


We are taking small steps to go bigger. Our focus is on immediate benefits. We offer both permission to make mistakes, and protection if they happen.


Responsibilities are collective and shared, like mobility. We believe that if we go faster alone, together we will go further.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork”.


Taking care of our clients starts with taking care of each other.

“The secret of genius is care”.


These four corporate values, coupled with a flexible and benevolent management style, a policy of well-being at work and flexible teleworking, echo the criteria most often sought after by creative, innovative, ambitious and meaningful profiles. These profiles are attracted by the human adventure offered by the company and the fact of working collectively to deploy solutions within the framework of a mission of general interest.

We believe in the values of our mission, both ecological and social. At the heart of what we do are the human considerations that bind us together on a daily basis. This is where the collective desire to overcome any problem in our path and the energy to solve it comes from.

Benoît Casoetto

A flexible home office policy that does not forget the importance of “onboarding

Despite the widespread use of home office due to the sanitary context, Padam Mobility makes it a point of honour to take care of the integration of new arrivals. Even before their arrival, new recruits receive a welcome guide and benefit from a number of face-to-face or virtual meetings (welcome coffee, virtual games, one-to-one presentations, breakfasts, weekly meetings with managers, etc.). Their first weeks are marked by presentation sessions of each department, and an HR interview is organised two months after their arrival to ensure they are fully integrated.

New employees are very quickly invited to test a Demand-Responsive Transport service equipped with our technology in order to gain a concrete understanding of how the company’s solutions work and to meet drivers and users.


Coding at Padam Mobility

Coding at Padam is about following guidelines that we collectively create, finding new intelligent solutions to problems, and participating in a general quality effort. We integrate code linters, static code analysis, test coverage, code reviews, and soon benchmarks into our CI/CD stack to help us deliver maximum quality. We do not hesitate to regularly question our ways of doing things.

I joined Padam Mobility because I believe in our mission: to promote shared mobility, everywhere on the planet. I stay because the challenges are daily and the involvement is incomparable.

Camille Bouin
Customer Service & Operations Manager at Padam Mobility

Are you looking for rewarding challenges and high impact projects? Are you looking for a professional experience that makes sense while working for an organisation with a real mission of general interest?

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