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Created in 2014 by three young engineers from the Polytechnic School of Paris and Ponts & Chaussées, Padam Mobility is a company whose SaaS solutions rely on artificial intelligence to optimize and transform Demande-Responsive Transport.

The software solutions developed by Padam Mobility, in collaboration with research partners such as the Loria laboratory of the University of Lorraine in Nancy, allow transit operators, public or private, to optimize their vehicle fleets in real time.

  • In 2016, after an initial funding from Setec, Padam Mobility launches its first DRT experiment in Bristol, UK, with RATP Dev which marks the beginning of a sustained growth that brings the company to Gally-Mauldre (Yvelines) and Orleans (Loiret) to launch the first smart and dynamic DRT services in France.
  • In October 2018, Siemens Mobility takes a close interest in the development of the company and invests in its capital.
  • Beginning of 2019, Padam Mobility accelerates its growth with new smart and dynamic DRT contracts in Chelles, Meaux (Seine-et-Marne) and the European Metropolis of Lille. At the same time, the company exceeds 30 employees and pursues its internationalization notably in Padova (Italy), Hong Kong and Northern Europe.

Padam Mobility and the research community

Since its inception, Padam Mobility has maintained a special relationship with the research and innovation world.

In a process of acquiring knowledge and continuously consolidating its know-how in term of optimization systems design and development, the company has forged close collaborations with expert teams:

  • Operational Research of ENPC (team of Frédéric Meunier)
  • Optimization under Constraints of the University of Lorraine (team of Ammar Oulamara and Wahiba Ramdane)

In 2015, a partnership was concluded with the Loria laboratory of Nancy (University of Lorraine) to support its research work. It is concretized by the production of a CIFRE thesis for which all the research work was done internally (apart from some less critical software developments that have been outsourced).

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