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Since 2014, Padam Mobility develops digital on-demand Public transport solutions (DRT and Paratransit) to transform peri-urban and rural territories and bring communities closer together. To do this, the company offers a software suite of smart and flexible solutions that improve the impact of mobility policies in sparsely populated areas for all types of users. To get users, operators and communities on the move.



After an initial round of funding from Setec, Padam Mobility launched a DRT experimentation in Bristol, UK, with RATP Dev in summer 2016. This was the start of a growth process that took the company to Gally-Mauldre (Yvelines, France) and Orleans (Loiret, France) to set up its first services in France. Siemens Mobility takes a close interest in the development of Padam Mobility and invests an undisclosed amount in October 2018.

The movement then accelerates in early 2019 with contracts in Chelles, Meaux (Seine-et-Marne, France), and for the European Metropolis of Lille, France. That year, the 30-employee mark is passed and internationalisation keeps going, notably in Padua, Italy, Hong Kong and then in Germany, the UK and Northern Europe.

In 2021, Padam Mobility joins the Siemens group and completes its portfolio of digital intermodal solutions.

Today, more than 70 territories deploy Padam Mobility’s DRT and Paratransit solutions in France, Europe and worldwide. The company supports +27 transport operators and +22 local authorities on a daily basis.

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Taking care of shared mobility

Since its creation, Padam Mobility has been fully committed to shared mobility. What does this mean?

  • To change and make change the way we travel. By offering its clients, operators and transport authorities, mobility services that connect the greatest number of users, while guaranteeing them the best experience.
  • To optimise on-demand mobility services (DRT and Paratransit) so that they are more cost-effective, accessible and sustainable.
  • To position itself as a trusted partner for both operators and transport authorities and users.
  • To take into account environmental constraints and the ecological, social and societal challenges facing the planet.
  • To adapt technologies mainly used by the private sector to the constraints and obligations of public service: serving everyone, everywhere.

Padam Mobility and the world of research

Since its creation by three young engineers from the Ecole Polytechnique de Paris and the Ponts & Chaussées, Padam Mobility has maintained a close relationship with the world of research and innovation. In an effort to acquire knowledge and continuously consolidate its know-how in the design and development of its optimisation systems, the company has established close collaborations with teams of experts in operational research at the ENPC (Frédéric Meunier’s team) and in optimisation under constraints at the University of Lorraine (Ammar Oulamara and Wahiba Ramdane’s team).

In 2015, a partnership was concluded with the Loria laboratory in Nancy (University of Lorraine) to support its research work. It resulted in the production of a CIFRE thesis, all the research work of which was carried out internally (except for some less critical software developments which were subcontracted).

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