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How did the Orléans Metropolitan Area manage to modernize its Demand Responsive Transport network ?

The Orléans Metropolitan Area, made up of 22 districts, has chosen Padam Mobility to renew its Demand Responsive Transport network.


Find out their feedback through our dedicated e-book!


You will discover:

  • The context of the implementation of this new DRT network
  • The solution deployed on the network
  • The positive results of this experience
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Founded in 2014, Padam Mobility relies on artificial intelligence to ease and optimize both passengers and drivers Demand-Responsive-Transport travels.

White label, the Padam Mobility interfaces are totally tailor-made and easily fit in the PTA’s and Transit Operators’ mobility service offer:

  • The user interfaces (mobile application, website or call center) make it possible to book, pay and keep an eye in real time on the DRT vehicle location.
  • The driver application continuously calculates the driver’s best itinerary in order to resond optimally to the users’ requests while guiding him in his itinerary.
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