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Working at Padam Mobility means embarking on a human, ambitious and growing company. A company that promotes knowledge sharing and collective intelligence.

Padam Mobility signed the Parental Act and commits to a parental leave for the second parent of one month 100% paid.

I joined Padam Mobility because I believe in our mission: to promote shared mobility around the world. I stay there because the challenges are daily, the involvement is incomparable and because I am allowed to organize afterworks that are out of the ordinary !
Adélie Busson
QA engineer

Our identity is built around 4 values


We assess the importance of our actions in light of their impact: on our customers, on the users, on the environment or society. “Life is short. Do stuff that matters”.



Knowing how to take care of our customers begins with knowing how to take care of each other. “The secret of genius is attention.”



Responsibilities are collective and shared, ike mobility. We think that if we go faster alone, together we will go further. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.



We are moving slowly to go higher. Our focus is on immediate benefits. We offer both permission to make mistakes and protection if they happen.


We are efficient because we believe in the values of our mission, both ecological and social. At the core of our action, it is human considerations which welds us on a daily basis. This is where the collective desire to overcome any problem on our path comes from, and the energy deployed to solve it.
Benoit Casoetto

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